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Client Spotlight: Meet Mary Hohlman

Client Spotlight: Meet Mary Hohlman

April 17, 2024 | By: Author Page for Leah Rosenthal

It is not often that you meet someone who has a clear connection to the energy and divine purpose within. But for Mary Hohlman, that has always been the case.  Through her suite of services, Mary helps her clients transform their spaces, homes, and businesses to bring in a more harmonious energy. Her calling is to guide her clients to feel more positivity and a forward motion of change in their lives.  

Mary Hohlman has been a client of WSD since 2006 when we launched bodybymary.com for her. Body by Mary is centered on Mary’s experience as a writer, personal trainer, mother and birthing doula.

In 2017 Mary became a certified Feng Shui expert through the International FS School. The following year, Mary became a certified Geomancer and Land Healer. To deepen her practice, Mary went through the Priestess awakening journey and became an ordained High Priestess in 2023.

Mary Holman

Mary wanted a new website to help launch her Feng Shui consulting business. Along with Mary's vision and her beautiful new photographs, we designed Manifesting with Mary. Fluid colors and informative content lend to a soulful website that evokes the emotions of spiritual progress.

Mary can update the site's content via the CMS. A product database and blog module are waiting under the hood for when she’s ready to launch those sections of the site.

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