Soul Bones: Inspiring Performance and Better Living

Soul Bones: Inspiring Performance and Better Living

May 7, 2024 | By: Author Page for Leah Rosenthal

Our lives can change in a flash, and no one knows this better than Performance Coach, Monique Petrov. The former all-American triathlete who qualified for five Ironman World Championships was tragically struck by a van during a training ride in 2009.

Eighteen hours of surgery and six weeks in the hospital challenged Monique more than any athletic competition.  She was literally fighting for her life.  Once Monique’s health stabilized, she shifted her career and became a NICU nurse at UCSF Benioff & UC Davis Hospitals.

Monique's journey led her to a deep understanding of compassionate healing. WIth a new mindset and perspective, Monique underwent another career change — Soul Bones, a trauma-informed life coaching business, was born.  

With a new business in place, Monique was referred to WSD via her husband and longtime WSD client, Mark McLaughlin

Monique knew she wanted to use a strong blue as a primary color for what would evolve into a calm online destination for her prospective clients. 

Mark’s daughter, Grace McLaughlin designed the Soul Bones’ logo. Monique designed the “feel better → perform better → live better” animation. This tag line, so to speak, serves as the anchor for Monique's unique approach and offerings to her clients.   

After Monique’s website launched in March 2024, she engaged WSD’s Marketing Team for ongoing support with her brand strategy and content development.  

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