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Video Background Spec Recommendations

Video specs for the home page banner background video: 
  • The screen ratio should be 16 x 9 and the video quality should be HD. It can be as small as 640x360 or as large as 1920x1080 PPI (pixels per inch).  Ideally, we recommend the 1920x1080, if you can keep the file size down.
  • The frame rate should be no more than 29.97FPS.
  • Formats need to be MP4 or WEBM. 
  • File size for embedded video should ideally be 500KB, as the ideal page size from Google’s standpoint is <1MB. File size of 1-2MB is acceptable.
  • Video duration should be no longer than 25 seconds.
  • Remove the audio track, as well, to save on file size.
Be sure to tell your videographer to keep in mind that the top and bottom of the video may be cropped at certain browser sizes, so he/she should keep the primary point of interest as vertically centered as possible.


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