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FuseMail Access

As of late September 2016 WebSight Design will be transitioning our spam filtering clients from MXLogic, which is being discontinued, to FuseMail. The transition should be largely transparent to users. If you were previously receiving quarantine emails from MXLogic, you will begin to receive them from FuseMail instead, and if you wish to log into your spam filtering account to check quarantined messages or add blacklist/whitelist entries you will need to use the new URL below and create a new password at FuseMail using the 'forgot password' link.

NOTE: Please continue to use the MXLogic portal until you begin to receive quarantine messages from Fusemail.

Management URL: https://portal.fusemail.com
(click 'forgot password' for new password if needed)

For help, log into FuseMail and click the 'GETTING STARTED' or 'HELP' buttons in the upper right corner.