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How to Submit Artwork or Files to WSD

File Formats:

We accept designs from third-party firms or clients submitted as layered Adobe Photoshop files. Please make sure the file is 72-150 dpi, and in RGB color mode. Please indicate and/or send any fonts used in the design.

DO NOT send artwork composed in PowerPoint, Word, Illustrator, InDesign, or Quark Express, or as a flat PSD or flat JPG.

Although we can work with just about any format, our preference for logos is vector: Adobe Illustrator. Please convert all fonts to outline, or include them when you send your logo file to us. PDFs are also acceptable, as are high-res (300+ dpi) JPGs or TIFs. Low-resolution files are more difficult to work with, and may result in a less-than-optimal finished product, or additional production time to rework the logo.

Identity Assets:
Please Zip or Stuff your font files used in your production-ready designs. Indicate any Pantone, CMYK or RGB color values for your logo or additional assets. If you have a style guide, please send that as well.

If you have printed assets or for-print files that you'd like us to reference, please send in PDF format, or mail us a hard copy.

How To Send Design Files:

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