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We develop high-performance technology solutions that are secure, agile, and fast. We understand the restrictions of out-of-the-box solutions and the challenges of working with technology providers you wish to leave. For this reason, we develop our websites, content management systems, SAAS, and e-commerce solutions on an open-source framework that is non-proprietary. By owning your code, you are free from perpetual license fees, have the option for external development, and can relocate your site if needed. 

To help you better understand the technologies we use to create your custom solutions, here is some insight on the Yii web development framework and LAMP stack platform.   

Yii website development framework

Yii pronounced as “Yee” means “simple and evolutionary” in Chinese. True to its name, Yii’s simple open-source PHP framework is ideal for rapidly building modern, custom, and secure web applications. Yii allows us the freedom and flexibility to create unique websites and custom technology solutions that meet our client’s individual business needs. 

Top features

  • A generic, full-stack web framework for object-oriented programming
  • Provides many proven and ready-to-use features that help reduce development time
  • Component-based architecture that reduces the cost of development and maintenance
  • Enacts the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern for developing user interfaces
  • Supports query builders and ActiveRecord for relational and NoSQL databases
  • Multi-tier caching for optimal performance 
  • Utilizes RESTful API, which enables flexibility and structure with API development 
  • An extensible framework that allows code to be easily customized or replaced.
  • A flexible framework that developers can use to create a variety of web solutions. Such as websites, content management systems, e-commerce solutions, and other technology solutions.

We enjoy Yii because of its agility – and our clients like it because we can build unique custom solutions.  

LAMP stack platform

LAMP, an acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, is the open-source bundle or ‘stack’ of software that we use to run our web applications. The LAMP platform works seamlessly with our Yii development framework to deliver high-performance, non-proprietary apps. As a time-tested software stack, LAMP is used for many popular web applications, like WordPress. 

Each software component of the LAMP stack contributes essential capabilities to the platform.  

  1. Linux for the operating system 
  2. Apache for the web server
  3. MySQL acts as the database layer 
  4. PHP is used for the programming language/scripting layer

We enjoy building applications on the LAMP stack because of its scalability, reliability, flexibility, and secure architecture.   

We like to talk shop! Contact us to learn more about our approach to application development, design, marketing, and IT services. 

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