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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing That Delivers

We use the latest techniques to create unique, multifaceted email marketing strategies.


Increase Engagement

A smart email strategy begins with understanding the audience and business objectives. Many companies strive to increase customer engagement via email marketing to increase revenue, brand image, and customer awareness. It's no secret the more a business engages in a thoughtful, deliberate way, the more successful it becomes. Expert marketers at WSD can help you deliver sophisticated emails with a clear subject line, compelling call to action, on-brand design, and relevant messaging. 

Target Your Market

Use customer data and the latest marketing technologies to your advantage! Targeted marketing strategies are all about segmenting audiences by behavior, interactions, and personas – enabling businesses to connect with customers in a timely, helpful, and relevant way. WSD can help you use customer actions, like abandoned online carts, to send purchase reminders or updates on related sales. Addressing specific customers with relevant information can help influence purchase decisions and increase brand perception. 

Spread the News

Email newsletters offer brands a forum to communicate with a qualified, opted-in audience. Newsletters can include a wide variety of relevant topics such as a welcome to new subscribers, public relation articles, announcements from the founder or CEO, product launches or service updates, seasonal promotions, and shopping cart abandonment notifications. Dynamic email newsletter content help keeps your audience connected and informed. 

See the Results

Every smart email marketing campaign should include reporting. WSD provides actionable reports that help you stay informed and aware of customer interactions. From A/B testing to click and open rates – we use data to inform strategies and keep you aware of the results. 

Train Your Team

WebSight Design has implemented and set up email marketing solutions for many of our clients. We are experts at training our clients on using marketing platforms for planned and off-the-cuff email sends. Gone are the days of needing to hire someone to customize an email for both plain text and HTML email versions. Through point and click, drag-and-drop solutions, you can easily create visually appealing, highly effective campaigns.



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