Online Reputation Management

While you can control the message on your own site, you cannot control what is being said about you everywhere else online. Thus, companies need to control their online search results as best they can and ensure the conversations on social media web sites are fair and relevant.

Our online reputation management execution is based on the same fundamentals used in our SEO services. Therefore, as is in the case with any SEO effort, it is never an overnight fix when a negative comment, review or rating does occur. For any reason, a user can post a negative review about your company. This comment can work its way up the search engine results pages and damage your company’s reputation.

WSD implements reputation management safeguards developing a protective barrier that makes it difficult for any potentially harmful reviews or comments to be viewed by your clients or customers over time. We use a variety of SEO tactics to simultaneously promote your company, while demoting the online presence of the negative review sites.

Online Reputation Management Tactics

  • Monitor reviews online; first responder philosophy
  • Micro blogs focused exclusively on executives of the company
  • The site’s content is updated in response to the negative review
  • Social media voice and participation
  • Optimized press releases

Your customers and community base are the key to successful online reputation management, their participation and voice are key to public opinion.

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