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Managed Cloud VPS Hosting

WebSight Design provides hosting for 95% of our web development clients. Our larger clients require fully managed cloud Virtual Private Server hosting and most of these clients insist on a dedicated digital certificate for security and SEO reasons.

Cloud hosting with the large providers can be economical, but what they don't tell you is that your new cloud-hosted virtual server is completely unmanaged unless you specifically pay extra for it.

What that means is, no backups, no system updates, and nobody to turn to if you have an issue with software configuration on the virtual server.

It may also mean you have some real security issues such as a lack of firewalling/port filtering. If you do not have an expert systems administrator in-house, WebSight Design offers Managed Cloud VPS Hosting for your peace of mind. We can handle whatever level of service you need, including cloud server deployment, management of backups, security hardening, and ongoing server updates.

If you already have infrastructure in a cloud and are not happy with your service or if you are considering a cloud-based hosting for the first time, please contact us first. Our rates our reasonable and you get the type of hands on support that you just can't get at the majors.