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Colocation and Systems Management

For businesses with their own servers looking to leverage the resources of an expert, reliable technology team, our services include:

Managed Server Colocation

Websight Design can take a rack-mountable server you already own, or help you purchase and deploy a new one, and install the server at our top-notch network facility. Your server will benefit from the redundant, high-speed internet connection, the redundant, gas-generator backed up power, and the 24/7 manned security with biometric IDs. Websight Design will take responsibility for all of the core components of the server, including managing hardware issues with the system manufacturer (we recommend Dell), keeping the operating system safe and secure with timely installations of updates, and making sure the key applications on the server continue to function, such as the Apache or IIS web servers and the MSSQL and MySQL database servers. You (or your tech team) will have full access to the server 24/7 and can use it as needed, without having to worry about who will deal with it when there's a problem. Our team is on it.

Unmanaged Server Colocation

Websight Design can also host your rack-mountable server at our network facility without actually managing the system. You benefit from the redundant high-speed net connection, the redundant, reliable power, and the excellent security provided by our network facility, but you save money vs hosting directly with the network facility by taking advantage of our economy of scale. We also deal with deploying your server at the network facility, one less thing for you to worry about. You also get full access to our tech team when there's an emergency, which is something all of our clients highly value. Your own tech team does all management of the server, i.e. we never log into it, but we make sure that your net connection and power stay up and running, and deal with it immediately if there ever is a problem with them.

Remote Server Management

If you have servers either at your office or at a colocation facility already, but need our expertise in managing and maintaining those servers, we are able to offer you our expertise and resources to strengthen your existing environment. We can offer any level of assistance you need, from helping with a one-off server emergency, to taking primary responsibility for management of your servers.

Cage Management

We offer a full range of cage management for our clients who have their own colocation space. We can assist with everything from deployment of new equipment to taking full responsibility for your cage. With us managing your cage, you can be assured that everything will be done to industry standard, and that when there's an issue such as a power or network problem, you have an expert to handle identifying the issue and pushing through the best solution as quickly as possible.

Migration Management and Consulting

Do you need to move your servers, either from your office to a colocation facility, or from one colocation facility to another? If you do, we are happy to offer our expertise and resources to ensure the migration goes smoothly and the impact on the services your business relies on is kept to an absolute minimum. We can assist at any stage of the process, from planning, through preparation, migration, and installation. We have the skills and experience to handle the networks, system configuration, and physical aspects of the migration in an optimal manner, and can offer assistance at any level you need.

General Server and Network Consulting

WebSight Design's technical team is available for any of your server and network consulting needs. From security audits, to new equipment deployment, to general network planning, you can benefit from our experience and breadth of knowledge. Contact us for any of your IT needs today!

If you would like to learn more about our colocation and system management services, contact us today.