View of a board room table with chairs
View of a board room table with chairs

Information Security Awareness

Safeguard Your Business

Protect your company, clients, and staff from cyber threats by engaging a trusted partner for Information Security Awareness services.

The Benefits of Consulting

Today, cyber threats are so prevalent that many companies must take preventative measures to protect their business, customers, and staff through mitigative technologies and education. Yet, many medium and small-sized companies do not have the in-house expertise to conduct Information Security Awareness training and comply with the insurance requirements needed to ensure staff is equipped to be the company's first line of defense against cyber threats. Fortunately, WebSight Design (WSD) and consulting partner Joe Desuta, Executive IT Advisor and Founder of Gone Phishing provide in-depth Information Security Awareness Services - making it easy and affordable to keep your company safe.

What We Offer

Our team of Information Security Awareness experts provides an array of custom services tailored to your specific business needs. We work closely with companies to evaluate the current state and create a plan to reduce risk by conducting phishing simulations and providing measurable Information Security Awareness education.

We provide a comprehensive awareness program that can be increased, decreased, or adjusted based on results or compliance requirements. Services include phishing simulations, real-time education, and ongoing information security training. Additionally, we provide a client portal/Learning Management System (LMS) to make it easy for you to run reports, track progress, and manage curriculum. So, whether you wish to introduce Information Security Awareness to your organization for the first time, want to conduct annual training to reinforce behaviors, or need to meet specific insurance requirements, our services can adapt to fit your evolving needs. We will even help spread the news by attending company zoom meetings and providing shareable content designed to reach your entire audience.

A Personalized Approach

With WSD, you can enjoy a friendly, personalized experience that allows you to be as little or heavily involved as you like - while not breaking the bank. We realize that time is at a premium for everyone, which is why we provide a white glove turnkey service that requires minimal leadership and technical involvement on your part. We do the work, and you avoid the scams!

Real Results

Establishing and maintaining Information Security Awareness practices can feel intimidating without an expert by your side. Luckily, we are here to help! From culture changes to drastic improvements in failed phishing simulation rates to meeting insurance requirements, our existing clients have experienced significant results without worry.