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There is no better way, dollar for dollar, than email marketing to keep your company or brand fresh in your market's vision. Many business owners don't think they have the time or energy to handle this, however we can show you how easy it really is when done the right way.

Email marketing is such a successful marketing strategy because it is something that customers can fully control. They choose which mailing lists to be on, based on their specific preferences and goals. So you can be sure that when someone signs up to be on your email mailing list, you have a highly qualified lead. At WebSight Design we can help you get more people on your mailing lists.

Spam Prevention Technology

Spam is at an all time high, and most of the larger internet service providers have implemented anti-spam procedures that could very well mean your email gets blocked before it ever arrives. The federal government's CAN-SPAM act ensures there are hefty fines for people who violate anti-spam rules as well. Because of these issues, it is no longer acceptable to send out an email to hundreds or thousands of people on your own or through older bulk-email methods. You need to use a proven method that ensures your email gets through. Because of this, we recommend a top tier provider of email marketing solutions. Their spam prevention technology virtually ensures you will not need to worry about being banned from sending out email to your customers and contacts. And their campaign management report and tracking solutions help you to maximize your results. 

Effortless Email Marketing

WebSight Design has implemented and set up the email marketing solutions for many of our clients, some with mailing lists as large as 60,000 recipients. And we have trained those clients on how easy it is, once set up, to send out regularly planned and off-the-cuff mailings. Long gone are the days of needing to hire someone to customize an email for both plain text and HTML versions of a mailing. Now, through point and click, drag and drop methods, you too can create visually appealing, highly effective messages.

If you would like to learn more about our email marketing services, contact us today.