Santana App

Mobile Application Development: The Official Santana iPhone App

As Carlos Santana told iProng Magazine, "I'm through with the smoke signals. I was the guy who went from the smoke signals and the mirrors, like the Apaches, straight into the iPhone, so I have noconcept of computers. I was still with cassettes. And so it fascinates me just how much the human imagination has gone into making things accessible. I can put all my library of records and cassettes and CDs into my laptop and then into my by Bill Palmer email Twitter Facebook blog iPhone. And I'm basically more than just curious now. I'm eager to ride that. It's kind of like a highway, kind of like a freeway, and this stuff is like billboards. So I wanted to join it."

We helped the process by creating the Official Santana iPhone Application. The app features videos, photos, music to play, music to purchase, news, tour dates, discography information and more, all wrapped up in custom graphics that integrate with the web site. This free, popular application debuted in March of 2009. It's a must-have for any Santana fan.

Download the Carlos Santana iPhone Application