Tech Support - Vacation Messages

Vacation Messages

Setting Your Vacation Message:

1. Enter your webmail interface URL into your browser; this will be in the format of
Do not use the www that is normally in your domain address.

When you hit your enter key, it should take you to this screen:

1. Enter your "Login Name" as your FULL email address.

2. Enter your "Password" as the password you use for that email address.

Don't worry about Layout, or any of the other buttons on the page. It will look something like this when you've completed it correctly.

3. Click the Enter button near the bottom of the login window.

You will now be logged in if you completed the form correctly. You should be presented with an interface that looks like this.

If your window does not look like that, find and click the logout button and reenter your information making sure to not change your layout type.

1. Click the "Mail" button near the top-middle of the page.

You will be presented with the Mail submenu interface, which should have the Rules tab automatically selected, and the Vacation Message prompt available. It will look like this.

1. Enter your message here for your leave of absence. It should be something explaining your reason for being unable to return email at this time, how to reach you if it is an emergency, and when you expect to return from this leave. This will be automatically emailed to anyone that sends you an email, but only once per email address.

2. Click the "Enable" button and you have completed setting up your account for a vacation message.

It should now look something like this.

1. When you wish to disable the message, just click the "Enable" checkbox removing the check from it.

2. Click the "Update" button once, and you will have removed your vacation message.

It will look like this when you have removed it correctly.

After a few seconds the "Enabled" checkbox will be removed and replaced with the same "Enable" button that you original used to enable the vacation message.

That's all there is to setting up and removing a vacation message!