October 9, 2009

Have A Pressing Question? Use The New Mahalo Answers iPhone App!

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Mahalo Answers Icon For the ones who are unfamiliar with this service, Mahalo Answers is a human-powered search engine and a knowledge sharing service, helping people on the Internet quickly find the best possible information on any topic since 2007.  Mahalo, with the help of WebSight Design, just launched a new iPhone application that will provide the same services as Mahalo Answers does, for the iPhone!

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With this new iPhone application, you get all the benefits of Mahalo Answers on the go.  Direct from your iPhone you can create an account, (they're free),post questions,answers and comments.

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This new application also includes the ability to search for questions that are in your area, based on the GPS location of your phone.  This is a feature only available on the iPhone, and lets you keep in contact with Mahalo users in your area.

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We'll be posting another Case Study on the development of the app. So stay tuned!

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