January 29, 2014

Featured Client Series: On Board Entertainment

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Next up on our featured client series is a client near (literally) and dear to us. On Board Entertainment (OBE) is one of our oldest clients who we share a history with. OBE and WSD overlapped in our current building in Sausalito for over 10 years; our current offices used to be their offices. On Board Entertainment still resides in Sausalito "“now just a few miles away from WSD's offices. On Board Entertainment is first and foremost an experiential marketing agency, providing top-tiered clients with innovative and interactive ways to connect with their audiences. By staying on top of technology and human experience, OBE paves the way in non-traditional marketing. The company was established in 1995 when Dan Hirsch, an avid sports fan, saw the opportunity to help sports sponsors connect to crowds in exciting ways. By partnering with the advertisers, it allowed him the chance to build relationships, trust, and experiences between companies and people. OBE is still successfully doing so today. With four offices across the country and top-tier clients including Nike, EA Sports, Yahoo, Lego, OBE is a trusted source for services such as: integrated marketing, strategic marketing solutions, mobile tour marketing, event marketing, sports marketing, retail marketing, BRB conferences, and much more. WebSight Design programmed OBE's website, complete with a custom Content Management System (CMS). Currently, we host the site and provide Dedicated Exchange Email Hosting, a custom branded email with 24-7 support. WSD is delighted to have OBE as a client. We respect and admire their marketing tactics and look forward to their continued success.      

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