WebSight Design Celebrates 20 Years!

WebSight Design Celebrates 20 Years!

December 15, 2015

WebSight Design 1998

2015, what a year it has been for WebSight Design (WSD): Our 20th year in business, a growing Digital Marketing department, an expanding client list, and the launch of dozens of new websites. As this year rolls to an end, here's a look back on the last two decades of WebSight Design. The early years of WebSight Design coincided with the early years of the world wide web. During those years, a lot of time was spent defining and expanding the portfolio of services and teaching clients about rapidly changing technologies. The majority of the work was completed by a small team from a sales perspective it was important to develop a large online presence for WSD.

WebSight Design March 2000

Throughout thy years, websightdesign.com has undergone an evolution of graphic design and functionalities. The homepage  shown in the top right is one of the first designs with a world and the web SIGHT design concept playing off this larger vision theme. The second design was actually inspired by the iconography of Bill Niedow who we were working with a lot back then. He did these amazing vector graphics and created a software that could convert images to vector before any of that was mainstream.

WebSight Design May 2007

1998 brought JavaScript and Flash animations, modifying web palettes to deal with file size in banner ads and understanding new technologies. It was an exciting age of discovery and execution. From 1998-2000 the web business truly was the crazy wild west. Co-founder, Joe Conte, recalls in 1998 when he had his first cell phone and he and Alex Paine would work tirelessly. Alex and Joe have a so many stories from that time.  Many clients that came on in those early days are still on board. Thank you to all of our clients! Cheers "” for a wonderful 2016 and to the next 20 years!

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