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March 12, 2016

Essex Asset Management - using technology to build financial fortresses

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Essex Asset Management is an independent investment advisory firm based in Vero Beach, Florida. The company is dedicated to helping a select group of clients achieve investment success. Essex Asset Management uses a unique mix of traditional and high tech tools to construct and monitor its clients’ portfolios. Data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics drive the firm’s quantitative systems and asset allocation processes. While Essex Asset Management stands apart from many boutique investment advisory and financial asset management firms by virtue of its technology, the firm also provides old fashioned, high touch, hands on service to its clients. Managing Partners include: Michael Himmel, CFP® Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager Alice E. Cole, CFP®, CIMA® Managing Partner and Investment Officer WebSight Design originally built a web site for Essex Asset Management in 2008. The site was therefore overdue for an upgrade. Our web services included:

  • Redoing the firm’s logo
  • Creating a modern, digital, mobile optimized design
  • Deploying a basic Content Management System
  • Insuring baseline Search Engine Optimization

As far as web sites go, this site is relatively small (only 8 pages),but it punches well above its weight with: clean, cutting-edge design, custom infographics, and a brand that matches Essex Asset Management's technology focus. Despite our capacity to produce very large, very complicated sites, WebSight Design still produces affordable, high quality sites for small firms. After all, with fewer than 20 employees, we are a small firm ourselves.

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