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Milagro Foundation: Website Redesign

Milagro Foundation: Website Redesign

May 25, 2017

milagro foundation

The Milagro Foundation is a publicly supported foundation established  in 1998 by Carlos Santana and his family. The foundation  benefits  children in need by making grants to community based tax-exempt organizations. Carlos Santana is a long-time client of WSD; he was seeking to design a new fully responsive and modern-looking website that had ease of use and conveyed "Carlos and kids." WebSight Design (WSD),launched a new website for the Milagro Foundation in May 2017. The website's back end, originally developed by First Step Internet, remained the same and WSD designed and applied a new design. The previous design had an unresponsive vertical design with small photos and a monochromatic color palette. The new website utilizes easy-to-read black on white body text and incorporates sparingly used bright colors that coordinate with Milagro's brand. Large photos of Carlos Santana with kids, or at Milagro Foundation events are used throughout the site. Additionally, WSD moved Milagro Foundation's videos to YouTube. Videos open in a modal which provides a great user experience. Many of the elements that were text graphics on the old site are HTML text now, making them easy to read, easy to update, and available for search engines to crawl.

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