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MARIS MLS: Website Redesign

MARIS MLS: Website Redesign

November 11, 2018 | By: Author Page for WebSight Design

The project's primary objective was to bring the website into 2018 with a clean, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate design. The tagline from the about page summarizes the company's identity: "We are an MLS that takes a blue jeans and white-glove approach to serving our members and the real estate community." 

MARIS wanted to include a learning center to help train its users to use the different product offerings. The company also wanted to make their classes and webinars more prominent, so people knew the services they offered and how to take advantage of them.

WSD built out a robust video library for the learning center that lets them categorize and cross-index videos across different sub-categories. The video library also allows admins to push a video to any page on the site. 

The event display is another predominant section of the learning center. Previously events were hidden unless members were logged in, but now anyone can see them, and login isn't required until registration. 

The redesign included phasing out an old product dashboard that required users to log in before launching a product. MARIS wanted to keep users on the site for all product interactions. WSD synched the site with SSO so that when users log in, they can seamlessly access all the MARIS products.

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