Mobility Matters: Website Redesign

January 6, 2019

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In the winter of 2018 WebSight Design (WSD) launched a new site for
Mobility Matter's founder Chris Thompson developed a workout program to help elderly people with balance and mobility. The program is based around an assessment test that takes an individual through a series of different exercises to determine his or her baseline. From there, an exercise program is customized to the individuals needs. WSD converted Mobility Matters previous assessment test into a web-based application. Now, trainers can assign homework videos and follow up emails to their clients.

The new website allows users to sign up for a subscription plan and generate custom workouts for this client. The website also has a senior client side that was designed specifically for making it easier for seniors to quickly login and locate their workout plans.

The website was designed with its user, trainers and seniors, in mind. The new website utilizes large fonts that easy to read. The color scheme is simple and bold and content blocks are sectioned of clearly.
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