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Champlain Medical: A Smart New Online Presence for Burlington Facility

Champlain Medical: A Smart New Online Presence for Burlington Facility

June 15, 2020 | By: Author Page for Quinn Nichols

Today’s websites are about more than just marketing and lead generation - they can also bring people together, connecting them with small business experts that can serve and care for their localized needs. 

The new Champlain Medical Urgent Care website is an excellent example of how a smart new online presence can better serve and connect people with a small business.


Located in Burlington Vermont, Champlain Medical is independently owned by businesswoman, pilot, and nurse practitioner Beth Schiller. The Urgent Care facility is known and trusted by pilots, patients, and employers for their expertise in Occupational Medicine and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flight Physicals

Inspired by patient service and big business competition, long-time client Beth Schiller sought a complete website re-design for Champlain Medical, from the original site WSD launched in 2014.

With Champlain Medical’s six-year-old website needing more modern usability and design, WSD had the opportunity to create a new online presence to better serve and connect patients to outstanding patient care. 


Providing full-service web design, development, marketing, and hosting – WSD completely re-designed and launched the new site on March 28, 2020. 

The new now boasts a clean new look and feel, mobile responsive design, and custom workflow automation – improving the site’s aesthetics, search engine optimization (SEO),and user experience.

With refreshed content, enhanced design, and usability, we expect to see this Burlington area facility continue to thrive – serving pilots and patients for many years to come. 

Beth Schiller: Client Spotlight

WSD’s partnership with Beth Schiller started in 2014, with the launch of Champlain Medical Urgent Care’s previous website. 

We partnered again in 2015 to develop, Schiller’s rural-service wireless company, funded in part by a grant from Microsoft. You can watch Beth and learn more about Airband TV White Space technology in this Microsoft video

As an inspirational businesswoman, Schiller is also a leading female pilot in Vermont, an engineer, and nurse practitioner

We are excited to have the continued opportunity to work with Beth Schiller and to help uplift the online presence of innovative, small businesses.

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