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Hobby Bunker: The One-Stop Online Toy Soldier Shop

Hobby Bunker: The One-Stop Online Toy Soldier Shop

June 11, 2021 | By: Author Page for Leah Rosenthal

Upon hearing Matt Murphey’s voice, one is struck by a few things: his thick Boston drawl and his passion for his business. Matt is the owner and president of Hobby Bunker Inc. and he’s been around toy soldiers, model kits and gaming nearly his entire life; to this day he is an avid collector.

Located about fifteen miles north of Boston, Hobby Bunker opened doors to the public in 1998. As the tag line suggests, "Your One-Stop Toy Soldier and Hobby Shop", Hobby Bunker has a vast selection of toy soldiers, games and hobby items at competitive prices. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, the well-informed Hobby Bunker team, will do its best to locate the product(s) or help point you in the right direction. 

Matt came to know Alex Paine in the early 2000s when Alex and a few colleagues began Matt provided the fulfillment and eventually purchased the website and the rights to the functionality of the site. And with that, was born. was re-built again in the mid-2000s and underwent many enhancements throughout the years. 

In June 2021, WebSight Design launched a new website for The project included a complete overhaul of the front and backends. Additionally, the launch of the new website coincided with Matt’s move to a new brick and mortar location.

The primary objective for this website redesign was to make the website mobile responsive thereby supporting Matt’s organic and paid search initiatives — both of which the search engines will demote if a site is not fully responsive.

Hobby Bunker does a significant online business with dozens of brands and thousands of products. In part, due to the pandemic and everyone sheltering at home, 2020 gross revenue online was +35% to 2019. 

This hi-volume business required a robust e-commerce solution with customized reporting, search, shipping tiers, wish lists, inventory management, and tracking catered to Matt’s specific business needs. 

Design-wise, the new website’s background is white and easy on the eyes. A refreshed color palette compliments the green in the logo and adds visual appeal throughout.  In addition, larger product images and simplified navigation help to increase the usability of the site.

So next time you desire to pick up a new Hobby or indulge in an old pastime, give a visit.

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