WSD to the WordPress Rescue

WSD to the WordPress Rescue

February 24, 2024 | By: Author Page for Leah Rosenthal

WordPress Rescue

Founded in 2019 by Ron Craig and Michael Levin, GoHP offers fair and transparent credit card processing. The client found us through a Google search, and was in a bit of a snare with their half-baked Wordpress site. Ron and Michael’s website developer was missing in action and they didn’t have the credentials to access the site. 

Batter up: WSD. We stepped up to the plate and rebuilt the site with Yii. WSD deployed our product module, allowing the client to update products and assign them to different industries. Lead generation is facilitated by calls-to-action that funnel to the contact form.

Branding and Logo Evolution

With a solid new framework, the gates opened for a complete rebranding. When Ron and Michael came to WSD their domain was As part of the website redesign, they decided to rebrand as  

gohp old logo
Updated GoHP logo

GoHP’s prior website used pale colors that washed out their messaging and didn’t work well with photos. We kept the blue/gold color scheme, but turned up the saturation to make everything bolder. By punching up the design, the website presentation and sales authority were equally enhanced. 

Full Suite of Services

WSD also executed baseline SEO and analytics, created and hosted email addresses, provisioned the new domain, and is providing secure hosting as part of this engagement.


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