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Lessons From The Home Depot Hack: Don't Do It Yourself

Lessons From The Home Depot Hack: Don't Do It Yourself

September 23, 2014

The Home Depot

Earlier this month Home Depot suffered what was arguably the biggest security breach in American retail history. As many as 56 million customer credit cards were compromised in a cyberattack that installed malicious software on payment systems at retail stores across the country. The malware targeted self-checkout systems and was running on Home Depot's computers dating back as far as April 2014. The company issued a press release assuring its customers that PIN numbers were not compromised, appropriate security measures were taken, and that customers will not be held liable for fraudulent charges. The Home Depot hack was even bigger than the recent TJX security breach that exposed 45.6 million debit and credit cards, and the Target hack, which compromised 40 million cards over a 3-week time period. Reports from multiple financial institutions indicated that the cyber criminals who carried out the Home Depot attack had access to the DIY superstore's cash registers all the way up until Sept. 7th, a full five days after word of the breach first broke. Which begs the question, when it comes to online security, does it pay to Do It Yourself? WebSight Design's answer to that is, of course not! When it comes to the security of your data, and that of your customers, you want to leave it to the experts. Our server support team has over 25 years of combined experience managing web and email servers, and have seen every trick in the book. We monitor our hosted websites 24/7 and deal with any potential security threats *before* they become an issue. While the big players out there like Home Depot and Target may have gotten complacent about data security, WSD has been hard at work since 1995 ensuring our clients' information is safe and sound. Our development and hosting teams make the security of your site our top priority. From the code to the platform to the network, every step is hardened and monitored utilizing state of the art best practices, up-to-date software versions, and sophisticated hardware firewalls. If you want to learn more about our website security audit procedures, hosting options, PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance consulting, or any of our other security services, contact us today. Image: Flickr / Mike Mozart

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