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Are Tech Changes Stressing You Out? IT Services That Won't Break The Bank

Are Tech Changes Stressing You Out? IT Services That Won't Break The Bank

September 29, 2021 | By: Author Page for Quinn Nichols

Today, almost every aspect of a business leverages technology in one way or another. Whether launching a new product, updating your IT infrastructure, or navigating a business merger, the technology implications can be an added stressor for many. Regardless of the scenario, most businesses reach a point where they need help completing critical projects, auditing technologies, or simply maintaining internal systems and networks. 

By seeking the help of an IT consulting firm, businesses have a cost-effective, scalable way to get the expertise they need without burdening their IT department or hiring new staff.

An IT partner you can trust

Choosing the right consulting partner can make or break any initiative. Luckily WSD provides an array of scalable consulting services to help supplement and uplift your technology needs. From IT strategy to systems management, our IT services are sure to reduce your worries. To help you learn more, here are a few things our clients enjoy about our services.

Benefits of partnering with WSD

Highly skilled: Our team of tech experts have experience working with a wide variety of technologies and services – we can handle almost any technological challenge, project, or solution.

Responsive: We have no holding queue and take pride in our uber-fast response times. If you don't like to waste your day waiting on hold, we are your ideal business partners.

Friendly customer service: Our team has a naturally warm, friendly vibe – reflective of our San Francisco Bay location. We enjoy helping our clients succeed and have a knack for remembering every customer's name and unique story. 

Reasonable rates: While big-box IT consulting companies charge between $250-$850 per hour, we use the economical rate of $165 per hour.

Understated IT services

WSD offers full-scale consulting services for IT strategy and planning, technology audits, systems and network management, and technical customer support. However, we also provide a plethora of beneficial services that often don't get as much fanfare. 

Tech rescue: We assist companies that need help figuring out and improving their IT situation.

PCI compliance: Companies with e-commerce solutions are often required to maintain PCI compliance, which requires strong IT skills. We help with all aspects of achieving and maintaining PCI compliance.

Email management: While most companies use services like Google or Microsoft for email hosting, they still need help managing those services. We assist with adding new users, managing email distribution lists, and dealing with spam issues.

Domain name management: We help purchase and route vanity URLs for landing pages, ensure domain names are renewed, and provide overall management of a company's DNS. DNS management requires technical knowledge outside the scope of most non-IT professionals, and making configuration mistakes can bring down a company's website or email.

Top Client FAQs

  • What is your hourly rate: $165
  • What are your business hours: M-F 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM
  • Do you provide on-site support: Yes, within the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Do you provide off-hours support: In general, no, but it is available on a case by case basis
  • Who are some of your biggest IT clients: Pacific Union / Compass and Hill Property Management

Are you interested in engaging our services? Contact us to start the conversation.

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