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Notable LA Lawyer Launches A New Site For New Business

Notable LA Lawyer Launches A New Site For New Business

March 30, 2022 | By: Author Page for Quinn Nichols

There's no better time to build a new website than when you start a new business. Likewise, when Jeff Eichmann, a long-time partner at Dovel & Luner, decided to start his own firm, he knew he needed a website.

Last year, the Harvard Law graduate and third-generation plaintiff lawyer founded the firm Eichmann, a professional corporation. As a lawyer for complex, high-stakes cases, Eichmann's singular purpose is to get better results for his clients than any other lawyer or law firm. His client base includes inventors, artists, entrepreneurs and investors, small businesses, and others with valid and valuable legal claims and interests, typically against large corporate wrongdoers.

A professional new site

To kick off his new business venture, Eichmann, engaged WSD to build a website that would showcase his high-stakes litigation practice in Los Angeles. Needing to move quickly, we first set up a simple one-page place-holder site while developing a full-scale website. 

Partnering with Jeff Holbrook, Eichmann's Designer for Brand Identity, we carefully crafted a simple yet highly professional web design. The home page, for example, features a large hero image of the sea that illustrates the tumultuous nature of his work while also showing a glimpse of the sun for clarity and inspiration.

We used subtle animations and movements to draw attention to the firm logo and top navigation. The simplicity of the about page makes it easy for visitors to learn about Eichmann's education, results, career origin, and personal background.

Built with a new development platform

Eichmann’s website was among the first Laravel sites WSD has launched using the new platform. More information about Laravel's fast features and great dashboard will be shared soon.

Whether you wish to check out our latest website or want to engage a prestigious lawyer, we'd like to encourage you to visit his new site. Click here to visit

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