Search Engine Optimization Services

Google processes over one billion search queries a day and in order to persevere in a web-centric marketing environment, it is vital that your website be found in organic search engine results.

WebSight Design is a full service Bay Area SEO agency and was one of the first website design and development teams to infuse best practice search engine optimization in all of our websites. Achieving a high level of success on a consistent basis with SEO execution comes from a combination of many years in the industry as well as our team's ability to stay on top of search industry trends and search algorithm changes.

Our approach to SEO differs from our competitors in that we believe the user experience comes first. You can have keywords, inbound links or optimized images galore but if your site does not make sense to your prospective customers, then none of that matters. Our sites are designed with the user in mind so that visitors can easily find the information they need. We understand that it is not always about being #1 in the search results, but is about delivering you quality traffic and visitors that are going to convert. Don't be confused when someone "guarantees" how to show up on the first page of Google, read up on our section about paid VS. organic listing.

You may notice that our site does not offer “packages” of SEO services. This is because we tailor every site specifically to a client’s needs. We believe that each client is unique and deserves a customized level of attention.

Google Webmaster Tools Interface

Our Search Engine Optimization Services:

Content Development and Optimization

Content is probably the most important element when building a website. Users online enter requests on search engines and demand answers. If a site does not provide the information the user is looking for, he or she will leave the website and visit another. We help you create fresh content that is user-friendly, relevant to your business and that improves your overall marketing and social media strategy. We implement the best methods to optimize for specific keywords you intend to target or to improve your current content. Read more...

Keyword Research

Keyword research can be very tricky as the keywords you wish to target must be coherent with the content you provide to your user. Our SEO department has experience working with numeroustools allowing to better target certain keywords. We re, for instance, able to see how many searches some keywords get each month and decide to modify your content in order for it to match with the targeted phrases. Read more...

SEO Metadata Best Practices

To help you write SEO metadata (meta titles and meta descriptions) correctly and efficiently, Websight Design has put together a guide with best SEO metadata practices to which you can refer. Read more...

Social Media Metadata: Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards

Improve the click-through rate to your pages from social media sites by implementing correct social media metadata using Facebook's Open Graph platform and Twitter Cards. Read more...

Analytics and Reporting

At WebSight Design, we implement SEO strategies, but we also analyze their efficiency. We can provide you with reports on your website's traffic, hits, pages views, visibility, etc. We can help you look at hundreds of metrics and improve your return on investment. Read more...

Local SEO Services

Not all businesses wish to be global. Most business actually seek better local presence. Nowadays, more and more people look for places (restaurants, bars, offices, etc) directly from their smartphone. In fact, more than 50% of mobile searches are are related to something local. It is then extremely important for your business to show up locally on search engines. No matter the size of your company, if your business targets local customers, we can help you otmize your website to be more relevant to customers in your region. Read more...

SEO Audits

If you already have a website but would like to understand what to do to boost your traffic or visibility on search engines, we can perform SEO audits of your site. We thoroughly look at your websites characteristics (headers, links, metadata, etc),and provide you with a full report explaining what to change or improve in order to get more competitive on the internet. Our audit reports are a great way to point out anything incoherent, misleading or incorrect on your website and to train yourself to avoid further mistakes. Read more...

Additional SEO Services include:

  • Code-level optimization
  • Progammatic level SEO
  • Content hierarchy, information architecture
  • Short-term and long-term SEO strategy development
  • Inbound link-building strategies

Through these proven methods, our team of SEO experts has consistently implemented effective SEO campaigns for our clients.

If you would like to learn more about our Search Engine Optimization services, contact us today.