Harrywong.com, effectiveteaching.com, and iwong.com Website Launches

October 26, 2015

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In September 2015, WebSight Design (WSD) simultaneously launched three projects, for Harry K. Wong Publications. Harrywong.com is the publisher site. This website serves as the brochure site for the parent company Harry K. Wong Publications. Harrywong.com is a responsive website. WSD worked with the Wongs to create a logo and brand identity that represents all facets of the company. Harry K. Wong Publications offers several types of products to teachers via including books, e-learning courses, audio courses, DVDs and steaming videos. Effectiveteaching.com is the Harry K. Wong Publications e-commerce site. This site is also responsive. The site supports sales of both digital and physical products, has a tax matrix that allows them to set up tax rates based on zip code, integration with a custom API for steaming video purchase and UPS and USPS API integration. The third website, iwong.com, houses all the streaming videos offered by Harry K. Wong Publications. The company had a few specific security requirements for this domain. They wanted to make sure they could limit the views for videos on both a total view basis and on a per IP basis as well as ensure the videos were securely housed and could not be streamed from unauthorized locations. To meet these requirements WSD vetted several video solutions and provided recommendations as to which would meet the necessary requirements. WSD created a custom platform agnostic API for iwong.com that enabled external sites to request a video access key for playback of videos on iwong.com, and added security measures to the player pages that limit views and ip views on a per access key basis.

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