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October 12, 2021 | By: Author Page for Quinn Nichols

Meat and Potatoes: A Los Angeles Creative Studio That Rocks

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Meat and Potatoes (AKA Meatoes) is a California-based creative studio known for whipping up hot designs for major brands. From Aerosmith and STYX to Sons of Anarchy and Taco Bell, the creative genius at Meatoes is boundless. 

Founded by Grammy® nominee Todd Gallopo, Meatoes is one of our favorite branding and design affiliates.

Meat and Potatoes, Inc. is a boutique creative agency in Los Angeles specializing in branding, advertising, key art, package design, strategy and product innovation; focused on developing innovative solutions that, as the name suggests, are fundamentally strong and to-the-point. Since its founding in 2000, M+P has provided its clients with memorable creations with a dollop of wit and a fanatical devotion to the “art of it all.”

M+P is respected as a creative leader in the Los Angeles market, offering key brand-building services and award-winning designs from a tight team of professionals whose commitment, rare personal service, diversity and proximity to the process make for satiated clients. Our passion for great design is what drives us. Our unique expertise in an ever-growing spectrum of all media allows us to constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible. 

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While WSD offers in-house design, well-known clients within the music, entertainment, and hospitality industries often require the careful orchestration of several companies to create and develop their high-visibility assets. 

Throughout the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work closely with the energetic team of design experts at Meatoes. As a top-notch affiliate, we’ve collaborated on web development projects for big-name clients like Sammy Hagar, The Hard Rock Hotel, pop star/actress Bleona, as well as Meat and Potatoes' own website.

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Working with the creative icons at Meat and Potatoes is always a blast. We genuinely enjoy bringing their edgy, innovative brand-building designs to life online. If you’re looking for artistic design, branding, packaging, or visual keys – check out Meat and Potatoes. We dig their work and think you will too.

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