A Premier Website for a Premier Memory Care Community

A Premier Website for a Premier Memory Care Community

June 20, 2024 | By: Author Page for Leah Rosenthal

Memory care communities like WindChime of Marin are important respites for the nearly 12% of Californians over the age of 65 that have Alzheimer’s. This awful and degenerative disease robs the memory and mental functions of its victims. 

Faced with challenges of a non-locally based marketing agency and a WordPress website, WindChime of Marin was drawn to WebSight Design for our high-touch customer service and full suite of creative agency offerings. 

In addition to migrating to our custom CMS platform, ease of navigation and ease of finding information were the top priorities of the new website. A third party chatbot and click to call function are accessible from every page. 

windichime testimonial

In addition to an entire page of heartfelt reviews, we incorporated these very personal testimonials into nearly every section of the site. Large font sizes, current photos, and desktop and mobile optimizations were a few of the ways we addressed the client's scope and objectives. The site is low on visual gimmicks and high on authenticity.

Post-launch, WSD’s Marketing Team was hired to implement a lead generation strategy and Google Ad Campaigns, video production and podcast implementation.

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