July 9, 2013

A Combined Effort to Maximize Results for CCHI

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Cost Contained Health Innovations, Inc. (CCHI) offers a full line of reinsurance services for self-funded health care providers. Working with anyone from small businesses to large firms, CCHI strives to maximize profit potential while minimizing client premiums. By helping both brokers and clients, CCHI provides high quality coverage with significant cost savings. CCHI Case studies show their consecutive success rates in helping clients reduce health insurance costs, better manage their self-insured healthcare programs, and increase positive patient outcomes. This site was a combined effort with multiple talented vendors to create a sharp site for the high profile company. The look of the site was designed by Tracey Pettis, Creative Director and Partner of creative advertising agency TraceyRyan. Thomas McGuire, persuasive advertising and content marketing extraordinaire created all of the content for the site to portray CCHI's services in a clear and understandable manner. He also managed the entire project. WebSight Design's talented team programmed the entire site, and WSD hosts the site on a shared linux web server through our secure web site hosting services. The site is clean and modern - organized neatly so visitors know where to look for certain information. Large and bold photos of San Francisco showcase CCHI's pride for the city in which they do business. The content was adeptly written to be accessible for all visitors. Forms are obtainable on the site to jumpstart the process to get involved with CCHI as quickly and efficiently as possible. Through the combined efforts of multiple talented experts in the web design and development field, CCHI's site is functional, educational, and visually stunning.    

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