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Five Advantages to Working with WebSight Design vs. an Out of the Box Web Dev. Solution

Five Advantages to Working with WebSight Design vs. an Out of the Box Web Dev. Solution

February 9, 2017 | By: Author Page for Leah Rosenthal

For any business wishing to succeed in today’s marketplace, a professional website is a must. Prospective clients might wonder why they should hire a website development and digital marketing agency instead of a less expensive offering, like Square Space, Wix, WordPress or Luxury Presence.

The upsides to working with a dedicated agency are numerous, follows are a few.

1. Dedicated Project Manager and Ongoing Maintenance

All our clients receive a project manager that will work with the client to define and execute their specific objectives. The project manager is a real, live person, available to support clients with questions and challenges. Managing a website is a full time job; we’ve got your back.

2. Customizable Content Management System

WebSight Design (WSD) sites are based on a customized version of the open-source Yii framework which gives us access to the large and expanding library for Rapid Application Development (RAD),while still having the flexibility of customization.  WSD websites can support features such as, contact forms, e-commerce, photo galleries, video, blogs, and social media. Each site we build comes with an easy-use content management system that enables clients to upload and edit content without the assistance of a webmaster.

3. Search Engine Optimization

The old adage, “If you build it, they will come”, could not be further from web development truth. The art of attracting leads and enabling people to find your website is highly nuanced and search engine optimization. With google processing over 3.5 billion search queries a day, it’s critical to have someone who lives and breaths organic search expert on your side.

4. Custom Design and Branding

Let’s face it, your brand and business propositions are unique to you. The design, layout, and design of your website should reflect your business’s point of view and personality.  WebSight Design’s creative team works closely with clients to define logos, color pallets, and moods that suit each individual website.

5. Version Control and Database Backups

While it might seem obvious, not all web development platforms provide version control and database back ups — many do not. WSD websites are built in a staging environment and then pushed by a web developer to a production, or live site. WSD runs nightly code and database backups that are kept for 7 days and monthly backups that are kept for 6 months so you can have peace of mind.

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