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The Kind Group Launches First E-Commerce Website

The Kind Group Launches First E-Commerce Website

January 26, 2021 | By: Author Page for Quinn Nichols

The Kind Group, a cannabis marketing and merchandising company, launched its first e-commerce site for the Farmer and the Felon brand. As a microsite, it provides a seamless way for customers to browse and purchase branded merchandise and accessories.

A Challenge Within the Cannabis Industry 

With legal cannabis sales escalating across the US, many brands face increasing competition within the marketplace, emphasizing the importance of brand recognition and visibility within the space. However, traditional marketing has its challenges in the cannabis industry – inspiring many businesses to look for ways to diversify revenue without radically inflating marketing spend. 

The Kind Solution

The Kind Group (TKG),founded by merchandiser Dean Gelfand, offers a way for cannabis companies to remain focused on business operations while adding revenue streams. TKG partners with top cannabis brands, like Farmer and the Felon, to manufacture and market brand apparel and accessories. As a core part of its marketing services, TKG creates a branded e-commerce microsite that functions as a consumer platform for brand merchandise and distribution. 

TKG ensures quality branded merchandise, builds and manages the webstore, handles all manufacturing, fulfillment, and retail aspects while providing marketing support and licensing deals to help monetize the brand and amplify its message to consumers.  

Farmer and the Felon are the first to launch the TKG microsite as a full-service apparel, merchandise, and selling platform. In the coming months, TKG, in partnership with WSD, will launch e-commerce sites for Jerome Baker Designs and Santa Cruz Shredder

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About the Project

WSD partnered closely with TKG to design and develop a custom e-commerce website solution for the Farmer and Felon brand. We provided strategic advisory services to help TKG develop a sustainable business plan for continued growth and scalable service operations for future cannabis brands. 

Our expert engineers and developers utilized top usability features to ensure a smooth user experience and a secure purchasing and fulfillment process. At the same time, our design team worked to ensure brand consistency and cross-site promotion between the parent site and the TKG webstore to optimize sales and increase revenue. 

The result is a seamless marketing solution that makes it easy for our client TKG to enhance Farmer and the Felons brand without distracting from their day to day business. 

WSD Services:

Website DesignWebsite DevelopmentContent Management SystemProject ManagementHosting

A Long-Standing Partnership: WebSight Design and The Kind Group 

The Kind Group is a start-up founded by Dean Gelfand – a good friend of WSD's CEO, Alex Paine, and a long-time client of WSD. Alex Paine currently provides executive strategic advisory services for TKG and sits on their board of advisors.

Whether you want to check out our latest e-commerce site or browse merchandise, we'd like to encourage you to visit the site. If you're interested in watching the evolution of the cannabis industry, follow the Farmer and the Felon on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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